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Doria Bag Spa Australia 

Doria Bag Spa was set up by experts from the leather industry since 1990 from Japan originaly, The Doria Bag SPA have also developed a range of a  specific leather care products and treatment exclusively for the delicate and fine designer handbags in last 10 years. 


We are continue to developing the network of drop off points around in Australia offering our comprehensive treatments. 


Every bag is precious in our eyes, we love to see customers' amazement at how their bag has been transformed. We channelled our love of fashion towards pre-loved handbags that needed

a boutique service. Thus Doria BAG SPA was born.


Doria's Ultimate Mission

Doria Bag SPA is devoted to reviving designer handbags and accessories. To keep them as pristine as the day they were purchased. Everything you need to refresh and resuscitate your bag can be found at Doria Bag SPA including colour and sheen restoration, stain removal, scuff management, water repelling, and much more. 


The best BAG SPA Treatment for Maintaining and Reviving your beloved bag.  


We Provide a wide range of services and treatment cares for Luxury Brands, We specialise in the cleaning and restoration of leather handbags and other fine leathers & textiles, such as; cloth, suede, nubuck, calf & lamb skin and much more with complete treatments for Stain Removal, Colour Restoration, Leather scratches Repairing and Protection, Disinfecting materials with moulds,  Polishing metal if applicable and the Nano Water Repellent treatments on all Leathers & Textiles! 

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