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Doria BagSPA Pty Ltd (ACN 606 999 697) (DBS) owns and maintains this website ( (Site). 

The terms and conditions set out below (Terms) apply to all users of the Site. DBS reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time and in any manner at its discretion. Your continued use of the Site following any modification to these Terms will be deemed acceptance to those modifications.


Servicing in DBS

DBS provide services to clean and restore item’s material for Handbags, Jackets, Wallets, Boots, Shoes and accessories.

DBS undertakes to exercise utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes which, in our opinion, best suited to the condition of each individual article.

While most beloved items will always remain on our premises, some will be sent out for additional care, such as alterations, repairs, additional specialist care, when DBS need to maintain service on machineries and tools.

DBS maintain full control and responsibility for all beloved items during movement at its discretion. DBS liability with respect to any loss or damage to article(s) shall not exceed three (3) times our charge for processing it. No claims for damages will be recognised unless you advise us of same within one (1) day of collecting the item.

DBS will contact customer within seven (7) days to finalise the final quotation in relation to the treatment service(s) and estimate time need.

No work will be carried out until we receive acknowledgement (SMS or E-mail) from our customer(s). No refund will be granted thereafter. 

All invoices must be paid on collection of cleaned item(s) or as otherwise directed by us and we reserve the right to retain your good(s) until payment in full is received.


Unclaimed Items:

In the event that cleaned items are not collected within ninety (90) days we reserve the right to dispose of them as we see fit and shall not be held liable for any loss that you may suffer in such an event.


Re-Cleaning Policy:

Customers must inspect all articles upon receipt. Any complaint shall be made known at the time of receipt or within 24 hours as DBS cannot be held responsible for any subsequent complaint/s

DBS give no warranty or guarantee if you failed to pick up your item(s) within 21 days after our first notice. As our storage room's condition is not air and temperature controlled.


Cleaning and Restoration with DBS 

DBS are not responsible to inherent weakness or defects in materials that are not readily apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly, but not exclusively, to Suede, Nubuck and Leather material. Suede, Nubuck and Leather materials are susceptible to hazards inherent in the fact that it is derived from animals.

Customers are advised that the company will not be responsible for any of the following mentioned conditions:

  • Heavily soiled linings are often difficult to clean satisfactorily

  • Insect bites & scars, which were covered over, may be revealed during some processes

  • Tarnished metal work can be affected by some processes

  • Heavily stained handles or those affected by grease 

  • Total removal of stains is not guaranteed, Persistent stains on beloved item which goes through the Cleaning process may not be totally removed for all types of Material. Please take note of the difference between Cleaning & Restoration process.(DBS take pride to reduce the stains as much as possible.)

  • DBS cannot be held responsible for loss of buttons, ornaments or anything left in pockets or in any part of the article

  • DBS reserves the rights to refuse services to any customer or reject any article

  • All bags are photographed prior to any cleaning/restoration process taking place to ensure a benchmark for repair standards

  • Faded leather will remain as it is after Deep SPA Cleaning but will improve after Colour Restoration.

  • Most stains on leather will not be removed by Deep SPA Cleaning. Colour Restoration is highly recommended for certain leather service to improve the look of the leather. 

  • Slight changes in shape, appearance, colour, texture and top finish may occur on all materials for Colour Restoration Service.

  • Leather breaks and lines which are permanent might not be improved.

  • Unevenly matched skins/hides that may show differently during recolouring processes

  • Holes or tears due to fabric degradation during General Cleaning may happen.

  •  Heavily soiled linings and permanent pen marks (which in most cases) are not possible to be cleaned.

  • Defects that have been previously repaired/covered which are not serviced in DBS might react differently during service process.

  • Shrinkage and decrease in material, slight variation in colour, and roughness in texture might occur on processing Leather, Suede, Nubuck, Velour, and Velvet. (Dramatic Colour changes to its character might occur.)

  • Stains on patent canvas/ leather/ material might be permanent. Total removal cannot be guaranteed.

  • Stains can be removed upon customer’s request for cleaning and will be done at your own risks 

  • Leather Repairs / alterations and Customization work might or might not resemble original. Variation of shape, size, appearance, stitching, colour, pattern, structure would occur.

  • After DBS's cleaning or colour restoration process, leather's softness, colour might still fade away in months up to years due to it is still subject to everyday wear & tear, dirt & grime; self-leather  maintenance is essential and highly recommended.  



Delivery and Pick up Service 

DBS aim to arrange delivery & pick courier service upon customer's request for the beloved item before & after cleaning treatment to an address selected by you within 1-4 business days of receiving your request.

DBS will not be held accountable for any delays beyond 4 business days and will not be held responsible for any outcomes as a result of any delay.

PO box is not in a delivery option, you may select an address within Australia where you would like your item(s) to be delivered, DBS reserves the right to refuse delivery of a product to a particular address.

You will be responsible for lost and damaged product if alternative postal/courier services are used to return product.

You might be charged a delivery fee from DBS. Details of the delivery fees are outlined on the Site and may be altered by DBS at any time. 

Service Fees and Payment TermsAll fees associated with the Service and the products available for purchase are detailed on the Site. DBS reserves the right to alter these fees at its discretion.

You are asked to provide DBS with valid credit card information when you submit your membership application and when you purchase products. You authorise DBS to charge this credit card for service fees, product purchase fees, delivery charges, lost, stolen or unreturned goods, any applicable taxes, and any other charges incurred in connection with your use of the Site.

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