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Leather and suede handbags are an investment which should be cleaned by skilled professionals. Routine cleaning and moisturising is recommended to aid in the longevity of your leather products.

Leather cleaning is a specialised process that is designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather products. Leather products are extremely durable and if properly treated and cared for will last for many years.

At Doria Bag Sap we carefully grade and inspect each handbag prior to cleaning. Unlike cleaning normal fabrics the cleaning of suede and leather requires extensive work post cleaning to restore the handbag to it’s best condition.

We provide a suede, skins, and leather cleaning service for handbags, coats, leather / suede jackets, and shoes.

Due to the complexity of the processes involved in leather
cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining and whether any alterations or repairs are requested.

What You Can Expect After Deep Spa Cleaning
Leather handbags are made of skins taken from various portions of the animal and usually from several different animals. The manufacturer tries to match the skins so that your garment is as uniform as possible, but even with the best matching, there will be some variance in texture, weight, and colour uniformity. These variations may be accentuated after cleaning.

Loss of Colour
For Deep Spa Cleaning Treatment, be prepared to see a slight variance in the depth of colour after cleaning. In manufacture, the tanner immersed the skin in a dye bath to obtain a uniform colour, but skins from various parts of the animal may vary in colourfastness.

The cleaner can correct some colour variance, but must rely on spray dyeing (Colour Restoration), which will not dye the suede leather to the same degree as the original immersion process.

Suede / Leather Loss of Oils
During tanning, leathers are impregnated with oils to keep them supple. Some of these oils are lost in cleaning, and although the professional leather cleaner has special additives to restore suppleness, there could be some change in the feel or hand of the suede leather handbags.

Skins taken from the loose neck or belly portion of an animal are naturally wrinkled. As the skins relax with age, the wrinkles reappear. The agitation that occurs in cleaning can cause greater relaxation of the leather, accentuating the wrinkles.

Oxidation (Colour Change) 
Dyes can oxidize from exposure to light and gases in the atmosphere. This is a slow, progressive condition that develops with age. It may become more noticeable after cleaning.

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