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Find out more about how Doria bag spa cleaning and repair service works for your items

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Reform a leather bag that's lost its shape by Australia’s best craftsmen, with free shipping to your door.                                             
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DON'T LET YOUR favourite handbags to have short lived or restricted life. No mater what debilitation or critical condition your bag maybe in, Doria Bag Spa are devoted to reviving the life of your handbag and now there are more locations in Australia for bag lovers to receive expert attention. 


DBS is specialists in colour/sheen restoration, stain removal, water/dirt repellent, scuff metal maintenance and deep spa cleaning. 

DBS understand the infatuation women have with luxury and vintage bags, creating a luxury bag spa service was a chance for us to create a warm and professional place to take a bag for of a little TLC.


Daily wear and tear can take a toll on our beautiful designer bags , especially those of fine leather. "We often forget that we should treat leather gently, like our skin. Moisturised and conditioned leather will stay supple, shiny and avoid drying out or cracking. long exposure to sun and not reqularly cleaning are no no's"


Drop your bag off to one of our drop off location near you now and celarbrating your beloved bag's new life later!  

What You Say About Us

The colour restoration treatment brought my Chanel bag back to it's original beauty!

Amy T.

“Raining Day Worried Free ” 

Now I can wear my Christian Louboutin Suede Boots without worring the raining weather! Thanks to Doria Bag Spa  

Kate M.

“The Best Leather Repaier Ever! ” 

Thanks to Doria bag spa for repaired the leather  damege on my favoirt Ferragamo Heels and restored it's colour back! 

Sally P.

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